GSP Rescue UK

Milo & Marley

Origin: UK / Age: Approx 5 Years

Hello I am Milo.
I am looking for a nice home as unfortunately my family have some medical issues which mean that they find it very difficult to give me enough time to play and exercise meand just spend time together.
I live with children and I love them. I used to live happily with another dog but I am currently an only dog.
I respond to commands very well and I am a lovely family pet. I have not done any training for field, agility etc. I love a good snuggle up in a blanket.
I will be 5 in March. I am a GSP x Springer Spaniel. I am not neutered but I will need to be neutered as part of my adoption. I am currently near Rotherham.
If you think that you could offer this lovely lad his Happy Ever after, please contact GSP Rescue UK

We have some wonderful news today - Milo is RESERVED....
He is expecting visitors this weekend and if everything goes to plan this handsome chap could be moving to a very experienced GSP family where he will get lots of lovely walks and plenty of cuddles, he will also be going to regular training classes, which we are sure being such a social lad he will really enjoy.
Good luck Milo xXx We hope it all goes very well sweetheart.

Milo had his visit earlier today and all went very well, he took to his new mum and dad instantly and for them it was love at first sight..
After a long trip he is now in his lovely new home. He is now part of a lovely extended family that has experience with Rescues and gsp's.
We wish them all luck and we will post more photos of him in his lovely new home very soon xXx

As a new rescue we are routinely doing things for the first time. But today this one really is an AMAZING first for any rescue.
Two litter mates, from a stunning solid black male GSP and a pretty female English Springer Spaniel were homed together but unfortunately after 9 months of living very happily together the boys had to move to new homes after a change in circumstances.

Sadly the brothers couldn't stay together, but both moved to homes with young families who both boys absolutely adored.
Last January one of the brothers Milo was rehomed by us to a wonderful very experienced GSP family, he has been loving his life with his new
extended family and Milo thought that his life couldn't get any better...
Now it gets very interesting!
By a turn of fate, this week we were asked to find a new home for a very sweet boy named Marley.
A connection was made by the original owner who owned the boys as pups and notified us. Marley's owner made a couple of phone calls and confirmed this.

We are VERY PROUD to be able to post that Marley will be moving shortly to his new forever home, he will be joining......
none other than his very own brother Milo!
The brothers will be reunited having just turned 5 years, after not seeing each other since they were separated at just under a year old..
We will keep you all posted on how they get along together and if they seem to recognise each other
We wish them all the luck in the world and can't wait to hear how this chapter in their story goes
Thank you to everyone that asked about Marley, we appreciate your support
GSP Rescue UK Team xXx