GSP Rescue UK


Origin: UK / Age: 9 Months

This sweet little boy is Milo. He is looking for a new home where he will benefit from ongoing training and company.
He has been living with a six month old pup and two children 3 years and 8 years of age, while he is very good around the children he has accidentally knocked over the 3 year old with his boisterous puppy behaviour.
Thankfully she wasn't hurt but it has highlighted the problems that two pups in a home can cause.

Milo has bonded extremely well with the six month old pup, which is making training very difficult, because they tend to take each other off and play rather concentrate on recall and other training. Milo has also instigated a break out from the garden which means that Milo does need a fully secure garden to play in.

He has not had any contact with cats or livestock so his reactions are unknown, he plays very well with other dogs but can be too boisterous for many.
Milo is crate trained and is happy to sleep in his crate at night, he travels well and can be left crated with company for small periods of time.

He is a happy healthy 9 month old who needs training with an experienced owner who can help this boy grow into a well trained, obedient GSP. He is also very affectionate and loves his share of cuddles after playtime.
His recall is nonexistent at the moment but we believe that with the right training and consistency he will soon learn to come when called.

At the moment Milo is being fed twice a day on James Wellbeloved Junior Fish dry food which suits him and he enjoys.
He loves trips to the beach and any water he can find to splash in.

Milo is a typical young, boisterous GSP who in the right home will be a much loved family member.
We think he would benefit from an older mentor rather than another youngster that he can lead astray again, so we will be looking for a home with an older calmer dog for company and games.
If you have the time and the interest to show this gorgeous much loved boy the correct way to behave, please contact GSP Rescue UK.
Milo will be rehomed with our 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and our Adoption Contract.
He is currently in the Essex area.