GSP Rescue UK


Origin: UK / Age: 5 Years

September 2021

This stunning girl was picked up as a stray early in September and taken to the local pound.
The lovely pound coordinator contacted us asking if we could help as the Official GSP Breed Rescue, because Misty had served her legal time in the pound and her original owner that had passed her onto a third party had been contacted and was aware of the situation.
A very experienced GSP owner visited Misty who was suffering with severe anxiety in the kennels which was so sever that she needed medication to help calm her.
He saw a very beautiful but shut down girl because of her stressful condition, so he acted quickly and took her home into foster with him and his family.
The kennel staff who had taken great care of Misty were lovely and very happy that she was going to a foster home.
Within hours she was a different girl, more relaxed, calmer and happy to start eating, she was even showing her high prey drive out on a walk.
Misty very quickly settled into the families routine with their own dogs and looks very happy.
So happy in fact that the family fell head over heals in love with her and have offered her a loving home. πŸ’œ
We can’t thank them enough for their speedy reaction visiting to asses Misty, then taking her home to foster and adopting her.
We think they hold the record for quickest failed fosters πŸ˜‚
GSP Rescue UK πŸ’œ