GSP Rescue UK


Origin: UK / Age: 5 Years

Summer 2018
Monty is really thriving. he is having plenty of training and learning to trust again. He continues to love his home comforts (he will sleep and snuggle all day) and still loves a ball. He is having good opportunities to socialise and practise his training.
July 2018
Monty went to his new home - he will get all teh attention he needs as an only dog, but his owners have had GSPs, so know what he will like.
5.6.18 - Monty 🐾🧡 - this gorgeous 5 year old boy is again looking for a wonderful forever home and this is quite urgent (so he can stay in a home environment).
Monty was adopted from Greenacres Rescue just over 3 months ago and has enjoyed a lovely home life since - he's fitted in wonderfully as a family pet. However, the other dog, who is also a rescue, is reactive to other dogs outside and Monty now joins in with her and has become overly protective of her. It is felt that it would be better for both dogs to let Monty go to another home - much to his family's heartbreak. Greenacres have kindly agreed for us to try to find him a loving home directly.
Monty is very handsome and a fairly typical young GSP - he loves being out and about, is bouncy and quite ball obsessed. He has excellent recall when there is a ball around but can sometimes be a little 'distracted' when there isn't. He has a typical prey-drive. He walks well on a lead when on his own - he has worn a harness. He gets on well with most other dogs when out and about. We've seen him on GSP group walks where he was lovely and some of our fab supporters used to walk him with their GSPs at rescue. It's felt that he might be better suited to being an only dog, so that he can have full attention and focus.
Monty is fully house trained and loves to cwtch up on the settee or bed. He sleeps in the lounge but ends up on the bed by morning 😀. He regularly gets left alone (with the other dog) for 3 - 4 hours and generally just sleeps (he's on camera). He lives with teenagers, so we would rehome him to a family with older children. He travels really well in the car.
He is not cat friendly at all but is OK around livestock (though the usual care would be needed). As he was cared for by Greenacres, we could not rehome him to a working home. Given the changes he's been through, he would benefit from being in an experienced home.
He is currently fed dry biscuits twice a day with a meat pouch in the evening. He may not be up to date with his vaccinations.
Monty is currently in west Wales. He will be rehomed with our 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our GSP Rescue UK contract.
This is quite urgent so we will approach those who we think might suit him. Please let us know if you are interested asap, even if it is a while since we've had your form - it helps us be more efficient.

8.2.18 - after a few months in the rescue, Monty has finally been rehomed by a family who lived fairly close. The rescue was managed and completed by Greenacres. Good luck lovely boy! x

4.1.18 This handsome young lad, Monty, needs a fabulous forever home😍🐾.
Monty is 5 years old and has been with super Greenacres Animal Rescue for quite a few months. He’s been lucky enough to go on a few group walks at the beach and many of the photos are from his latest walk.
He gets on fine with the dogs he’s met, though possibly had some history with boisterous dogs previously. He’s a typically lively, bright pointer. He loves his runs and likes a ball. He stays close, even when his long line has been dropped.
Monty has probably lived outdoors most of his life so might not be housetrained. He’s a bright boy and a quick learner though, so that shouldn’t be a big issue.
He chases cats, so definitely a no-cat home. We are unsure how he is with children so would not home to a family with very young children, though we have seen him being fine with children on the beach.
Fostering might be an option for us, where he could be assessed in the home, but we’d rather get him settled into his own place ideally.
Monty will be adopted under our GSP Rescue UK contract with our back up, and have 5 weeks free insurance with Agria.
If you love the sound of young Monty, please get in touch.