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Origin: UK / Age: 21 Months

This very handsome youngster is Moose. He is 21 months old and is looking for his new home after being rescued by his lovely owners from a breeder that had a huge number of dogs and couldn’t look after them.
He is a much loved boy who is playful, funny, affectionate and loves nothing more than spending time with his owners.
Sadly though, Moose has started to show anxiety during the week when his owners are at work and he has broken out of his crate and destroyed a few items. He does go out with a dog walker, which he loves and has stayed with the dog walker during which time he didn’t put a paw wrong.
Also on weekends when his owners are able to take him for lovely walks and spend time with him, Moose has been happily left without causing damage. His owners think that he gets anxious during their working week because he knows their routine and is unhappy being left for so long, even with canine company.

Moose hasn’t been introduced to young children and because he can get very boisterous it’s believed he could accidentally knock them over. Being such a loving boy, it’s believed that he could be fine with older dog savvy children.
He is vaccinated and neutered and enjoys doggy daycare mixing with lots of other dogs. He lives with a female GSP and if other males get overly interested in her he has been known to walk in between them to protect her and will stand up for her 💜

He has excellent recall to his name; he has been introduced to the whistle and also returns to this. He is well behaved off lead and will play with other dogs out on walks. He does have a high prey drive and will chase birds and squirrels 😉. However he has been introduced to a cat and he was playful with it, so he would need a strong cat who was used to standing its ground. Since he’s still a pup, he could have a careful introduction and possibly go on to live happily with a dog savvy cat. He hasn’t been introduced to livestock so, again, careful introductions with on going training would be needed.

Moose is excellent in the car- he just lies down and sleeps.
He is fed a good quality kibble.
Moose is a very affectionate boy who is looking for a home with plenty of time and attention from his owners. He’s also looking for ongoing training, which he enjoys, and loads of cuddles 💕
The one thing he’s not a fan of is laminated floors - he feels very unsure on this shiny type flooring so runners would be a must for this very funny boy 😁

If you feel you could offer this gorgeous boy everything that he looking for, please contact us💜. Moose is currently in the Leeds area and will be rehomed with our 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and our Rehoming ContractxXx
GSP Rescue UK Rehoming terms and conditions apply 💜