GSP Rescue UK

Mr Darcy

Origin: UK / Age: 7 Years

Mr Darcy is a solid liver gorgeous GSP cross Dachshund 😎 who is looking for a lovely new home through no fault of his own.
He is a happy, playful, very loving 7 year old, neutered and vaccinated boy who enjoys the company of other dogs having been walked daily in large groups of dogs and he has been used to home boarding dogs. ( Darcy can give a bark at large black dogs, GSDs and Alaskan Malamutes if he doesn't know them)

He will share food and toys with other dogs, but if playing ball his ball is just his and he doesn't like dogs trying to take it out of his mouth, so he will tell them off.
Darcy lives with 3 cats and enjoys being groomed and cuddled by them 💜
He has very happily been living with a 12 year old girl and has much younger family members visiting regularly, all of which he loves.

Darcy has a low prey drive and finds livestock and horses a little scary so gives them a wide birth. He has a very good recall and is very good off lead. He has a large vocabulary and can bring you specific toys when asked for them, he also knows to look out for people coming and will hunt spiders or flies when asked too. 😂😂 Apparently he recognises lots of funny little words 😂😂

Darcy is fed on Wolf of Wilderness and Laughing Dog food with fresh fruit and veg mixed in, but he is happy to eat anything his lovely mum says 😉
His one downside is that after all the company that he's been used to he doesn't like being left home alone for any amount of time, he will bark. He would much rather be with his people and is happy to be taken anywhere in the car, where he travels very happily on the back seat.

Mr Darcy is currently in the Bath area.
If you think that you can offer this sweet boy a loving new home please contact us, he will be rehomed with our rehoming contract and his five week free insurance.
GSP Rescue UK Team xXx