GSP Rescue UK


Origin: West Wales / Age: 7 months

Summer 2018
Ned is doing brilliantly. He loves his sister Berta who is a pro at agility. He is learning agility and will be competing in the autumn. He has had lots of fab holidays and has been a good boy in the caravan. He is getting lots of mental stimulation which he needs and was excellent at man trailing. He is growing into a very handsome young man.
February 2018
Sadly, Ned just could not settle with the cats in his first adoptive home. His mum tried really hard - using lots of positive reinforcement to try to desensitise him to the cats but his high prey drive mean that he was always on edge when they were around. Safety became a concern, so we helped to find him another home, with no cat.
10.1.18 - Ned went home to his new home today. He had a very busy time, playing with other dogs, including his new brother Piper, and also had his first introductions to the cat, which went very well :).
1.1.18 - Ned is a gorgeous 7 months old boy, who came from a working pair. (We know the sire and dam - and they are gorgeous). Ned's mum is heartbroken to be rehoming him, and is trying to do the right thing for him by asking us to find him an amazing home which can meet his needs. His breeder is aware that he is being rehomed with us. Given his very high energy levels, we feel that a working home, or home where he is engaged in activities like cani-cross or agility, would suit him.
Ned is a very lively GSP and can be 'on the go' all day long. Although he has 2 long walks a day, and mental stimulation games in the house, he can still be demanding and want to go out more. Once he settles down in the evening, he loves to cuddle up. He has a great character and is very handsome.
He has had puppy training and his recall is good for his age, especially when working one to one. He responds well to lots of phrases and commands used as part of his training, including whistle commands. Mum thinks the whistle has made a big difference. He is improving on a slip lead; he hasn't liked gencon/halti type halters.
Ned lives with another smaller dog. He is very good with other dogs and generally gets overexcited and wants to play. If anything, he can be submissive. If off lead he is boisterous and runs around like a loony.
Ned is very good with children and lives with an 8 and 16 year old. He might be too boisterous with younger children unless they were very dog savvy.
Ned can be left alone for a few hours in his crate - and is used to the radio being on. If not crated, he will go after things. He is house trained and will ring a bell to go out for a wee. He is fed a high quality dry mix twice a day. He settles after a while when in the car, but isn't keen.
He has only seen cats when out on walks and is intrigued. He sometimes points but hasn't chased.
If you are interested in offering Ned the right home please get in touch with us, GSP Rescue UK, and we will email you our adoption interest form. If we already have your form, please just flag up your interest to help us. (first 3 photos are very recent - the others are when he was younger).
Ned will be rehomed with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance.