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Origin: UK / Age: 9 Years

This very handsome chap is Nelson. He is a happy and healthy 9 year old.
He is sadly looking for his new home after a change in the family's circumstances, which has caused his dad to have to make this heartbreaking decision.

Nelson loves chicken, long walks and cuddling on the sofa . He doesn't mind which order they come in, but he would like his new home to have all three! He also likes children because he has grown up with them, and knows how much fun they can be.

Nelson really likes the females and is happy with neutered boys , but isn't keen on entire males. He will come away when called, but if anything escalated he would stand up for himself. He would chase a cat if it ran across in front of him, but he is fine if they stand their ground. He is well trained around livestock and will walk to heal without a lead through a field of sheep. He also travels very well in the car and is used to being walked by a dog walker. After exercise he can be left for several hours; he can bark at first but, then very quickly settles down for a much loved sofa snooze.

Nelson had gundog training when he was younger and enjoyed it very much. He returns to the whistle and responds to visual commands, although he can be a little head strong at times.
Along with chicken, he eats Nature's Diet wet food and kibble.

This gorgeous boy is currently in the Tonbridge, Kent area and will be re homed with his 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our Re homing Contract.
If you feel that you could offer him the chicken, long walks and cuddles that he is after, please contact us xXx

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