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Origin: UK / Age: 2 Years

This very handsome lad is Nevis. He has been in foster while his behavioural issues have been assessed, and retraining could be started.
Nevis is two years old, neutered, vaccinated and very boisterous. He travels very well and enjoys ball games.

However Nevis does have some behavioural issues that will need on going work from a calm, experienced owner. He has been living in a very busy family home which he has found very stressful. He has nipped family members when they have startled him by accidentally smashing a glass, or screaming out when they have tipped something on themselves.

He has also lunged at a dog walker and nipped her on a narrow pathway. He was on lead and her two snapping, aggressive, small dogs charged at him and they weren’t on leads. Their owner walked very closely to him on the pathway, which is when he nipped her.

His owner, who has admitted that she finds him hard to control, has now lost confidence in herself and in him.
While he has been assessed by a very experienced and knowledgeable GSP owner at his boarding kennels, he hasn’t put a paw out of place and seems to enjoy the daily routine there.
Nevis has met lots of dogs there and is happy to sniff through the fence and give a wag. If they are barking on their way past his run, he will give a quick bark and then turn away from them😊.
Only this week he has been playing chase with the owner’s young female GSP and being a teenager, she had a moody moment and told him right off 🙈. He was such a good boy that he stopped playing, lowered his ears, moved his head to the side and left her in peace 😂. Two minutes later, he calmly went up to her to test the water, gave her a lick on her face and games resumed as normal 😂. Such a good boy. 😎

We won’t be re homing Nevis to a busy family or to workers, sorry. But to someone who has time to re-educate this sweet boy, with positive reinforcement to show him what behaviour is wanted and what is not. He will need careful handling and will have to be asked and encouraged to do things, rather than demanded to do them and scolded if he does not.

Nevis has so much potential in the right home. He is going to be a very loving and loyal boy. But he is not for the faint hearted.
If you feel you have the special skill set that can help this gorgeous boy please contact us.
Nevis will be rehomed with our 5 weeks free insurance and our Rehoming Contract.
GSP Rescue UK Rehoming terms and conditions apply xXx