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Summer 2018
Nora is loving her life. She has quickly become the boss in the house and is still very 'vocal'. She goes running and swimming often and she has really helped Philip's confidence.
June 2018
We offered our help to this beautiful "Goofball" named Nora. 😉
Nora was living with a young child that she wasn't getting along with and was looking for an adult only home.
She was very much loved and used to all the attention and affection that our breed enjoys, but it was very time sensitive and so we asked Philip and his wonderful family if they could foster Nora until we could find out more about the type of home that she needed.
(We helped Philip find his perfect new home last year).
Thankfully Philip and his wonderful dads, opened their home and their hearts to Nora, with all her funny ways and little idiosyncrasies including her need to be so vocal 🙈
We can now announce that Philip has joined the ranks of "Failed Fosterers" and that Nora will be staying put, after putting all four paws firmly under the table 🎉 🎉 🎉
She has settled in very well and has learned lots of new things, like how to travel without shouting at everyone going past 😂 😂
There have been some problems along the way, like the "Exploding Bed" incident 🙈 But they have fallen in love with her and she with them 💖
Good luck sweetheart xXx
We are all looking forward to watching Nora and Philips future adventures together