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Origin: UK / Age: 7

Norman is a very handsome almost 7 year old male, his family have had to make the very sad decision to find him a new home after an incident with their 3 year old little boy recently where Norman lunged aggressively at him, thankfully there was no harm done but it has put everyone on edge when he is around the little boy. Norman has began to try and dominate the little one and the family believe that he is jealous of the child.
They have two slightly older daughters 10 and 6 years who Norman has lived with for the last 5 years without incident, he has been very placid and gentle with them which is why they have found this so upsetting.
Norman has been very happily living with two GSP females one of which is his very best friend. A few months ago a fourth dog, an entire male was brought into the family group which has completely changed the family dynamics, which is when Normans behaviour started to change. The two males can no longer be kennelled or walked together because of their behaviour towards each other. This has put a lot of strain on the family.
Normans owner has done some basic gundog training with him and Norman has absolutely loved the training and one to one time that they have spent together.
The dogs do currently live in kennels but are used to coming into the home for cuddles on the sofa. In fact when Norman is on the sofa it’s very difficult to get him off so he has to be coaxed with a biscuit or he can be quite grumpy.
Norman loves his long walks and particularly swimming which is one of his favourite things, he also loves playing tug toys.
He can be left for 3-4 hours in his kennel but if left for longer periods he can become vocal.
He hasn’t met livestock so his reactions are unknown, he has been fine around horses that he has met.
Regarding cats, he would chase so he won’t be rehomed with cats in the home.
With children even though he has always been great with the two girls, because of his sudden behaviour change with the 3 year old son, we will only rehome him to teenage dog savvy children. Even if this behaviour had started with the new males arrival and could be as a result of the change in dynamics, we won’t put a child in that situation no matter how dog savvy they are believed to be.
When out and about on walks Norman has been walked rurally so hasn’t had daily interactions with many other dogs, when he has met them he can seem grumpy or aloof with some, but has never snapped or gone for another dog. Off lead he does like to wander, but has a very good recall to his name and to the whistle. He loves going in the car and gets very excited because it usually means that he’s going for a lovely long walk and a swim, but he does settle down until he gets there, he just loves being out and running and playing.
Gorgeous Norman is currently in the Yorkshire area, he will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our Adoption Contract.
If you feel you could offer him the company, long walks and swims that he loves please contact us.
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