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Olive (now Livvy)

Origin: Leeds, England / Age: 10 months

24.3.18 Here are a few more photographs of Livvy. As you can see there has been a little progress in terms of sitting and retrieving but her recall is still a bit hit and miss. It is progress nevertheless.
As we have said before, we are going to Pembrokeshire at the end of April, she will be spayed in May and then we have classes booked for her in June. Hopefully it will all come together after that. She is still a pleasure and gets lots of favourable comments when she is introduced to new people.
13.2.18 We have had this wonderful update from Olive's new family 💖💖 where Olive is very quickly mending two broken hearts after the loss of their rescue GSP Meg, from GSP Rescue SW several years ago..
Olive or Livvy as she is lovingly known now to her friends and family 😊 has only been in her home for one week, but it feels like she's always been here. She is happy and loving and very playful. She loves going out for her walks and is now responding well to training. Which means that she has virtually stopped pulling her dad and now walks nicely at his side... Livvy who wasn't a fan of jumping in the car, now puts her front legs up calmly and waits to have her back end lifted in 😂 When exiting the car, instead of having to slowly lift the door while trying to grab her as she tries excitedly to get out, she now sits and waits to have her longer lead attached before being asked to jump out 😁
At 10 months of age gorgeous Livvy has a lot of wonderful years ahead of her with lots of adventures and we look forward to watching her in this next stage of her life 💝
Good luck sweetheart 💜

4.2.18 Olive went to her new forever home - updates to follow

22.1.18 Gorgeous OLIVE is needing a new home, maybe where she is the only dog 💜🐾
Olive is a stunning 10 month old girl. Her mum is heartbroken to be rehoming her but feels it is for the best due to challenges with juggling Olive's energy levels and work.
Olive is big, affectionate girl (at 29.5kg) and has lots of energy. She is good with other dogs when out, and plays great, but has become territorial indoors, especially with older dogs. For this reason a home as an only dog might be preferred initially. She has a typically high prey drive and came from working parents.
Olive has good recall and comes to the whistle but she needs more basic training. Her owner thinks she would come on really well with someone with experience. She would suit a very active household - a working home or getting involved in activities like canicross and/or agility. She doesn't go on lead that much and her mum uses a halti because she pulls, and is very strong. She doesn't like going back on lead though. She will sometimes chase joggers and cyclists.
Olive has lived with children over 5 so may be suitable for children this age or older, as long as they were dog savvy. She is boisterous, like many young GSPs.
Olive can be left alone for a few hours. She currently has the run of downstairs when left. She has never chewed furniture but she will chew items if they are left out (shoes etc). She is fed a dry mix 3 times a day. She is very food orientated and will counter surf and steel food if she can. She needs a very secure garden - she has jumped fencing out of her current garden, in search of playing with a neighbouring dog. At night she sleeps on her mum's bed. She likes her comfort .
She travels really well in the car - but isn't great at getting in. Olive will chase cats and is not good with livestock.
If you are interested in offering Olive a lovely home please get in touch with us, GSP Rescue UK, and we will email you our adoption interest form. If we already have your form, please just flag up your interest to help us.
Olive will be rehomed our free 5 week Agria pet insurance