GSP Rescue UK

Oreo 2

Origin: UK / Age: 2 Years

Feb 2022

Oreo is a beautiful little girl, very loving and cuddly who is two years of age, she has been living in a busy home with several children of varying ages and now a new born, her family have had to make the sad decision to find her a new home due to a change in post Covid working arrangements meaning that she isn’t getting the exercise or training that she needs.
Oreo is looking for a home where she is the only dog so that she can have all the love and attention she enjoys.
She can be nervous of some dogs out on walks while on lead and can be reactive and bark at them, so her confidence will need to be increased with more socialisation around other dogs, so that she learns not to react but to enjoy their company. She is currently being walked on a Halti head collar because she is a strong puller, again this will need further training.
Oreo is living with young children of varying ages from new born up to a teenager who she absolutely adores, she can be very boisterous and a little clumsy when playing, but is very cuddly and loving to them, often curling up and falling asleep with them. She is such a character that recently she was watching the girls doing handstand on the sofa and she did a somersault trying to copy them.
However after not having any visitors during Covid, when visitors now arrive she can jump up and bark until she’s comfortable with them.
Oreo doesn’t see many dogs or people when out walking because she has been walked early in the morning and late in the evening to a nearby field, when if she does see strangers, especially men she can bark. Her family, predominantly has female adults except for her dad which might be the reason for this. Desensitisation to new people and places could help build her confidence with visitors and strangers, we are seeing this behaviour in many youngsters born during the lockdown period, because they have missed out on visitors dropping in, puppy classes and the socialisation that they would normally have at this age with strangers.
Oreo has quite a high prey drive so careful introduction to livestock, sheep etc will be needed with further ongoing training. She has chased a cat that came into her garden out over their wall, so a secure garden will be needed and no residential cats for this lovely young lady.
Oreo is currently walked on a long line because her mum also has a toddler and a new born and Oreos recall isn’t reliable, but more recently in a secure field she has recalled very well, even when chasing crows, this still needs ongoing training, but she can be a very quick learner.
Oreo is a dainty 21kg at the moment, her family believe it’s due to her lack of exercise, when she’s having regular exercise she tends to eat more and gain weight.
With little ones toddling around she is happy to follow them around and clean up any dropped food, she will also counter surf if food is left unattended.
Oreo isn’t afraid of loud noises like the washing machine, vacuum cleaner or fireworks, her mum says there’s not much that she is afraid of that she has been frequently been introduced to.
She hasn’t needed to travel in a vehicle very much, but she has had one long journey of 4 hours plus each way and was very well behaved, settling down and sleeping for most of that time. She did get sick once in the journey there, but then settled back down to sleep again. We believe that as soon as she learns that good things happen at the end of a journey, she will soon be happy to jump into a car and travel without being sick.
Oreo can be left for up to two hours she settles down and sleeps. If left for too long she will relieve herself and on times asks to get up in the night to relieve herself.
If you feel that you could offer this cuddly, loving youngster the ongoing training and exercise that she enjoys please contact us.
Oreo is currently in the North Berwick area in Scotland and will be rehomed with her 5 week free Agria insurance and our Adoption Contract.
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