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Origin: UK / Age: 1 Year

This handsome chap is Oscar.
He is coming up to 1 year old next month and is being re-homed because of a change in his families circumstances. He has been a much loved pup and is happy, very boisterous and a very energetic lad.

Oscar has started his basic training but can be very excited and powerful on the lead, so his training will need to continue, allowing him to develop into a wonderful family member πŸ’œ
Off lead he has a good recall and likes to play with any dog that can cope with his exuberance!

He is good around children but with his boisterous personality he can be too much for younger children.
Oscar can be left after exercise for short periods. He does initially whine but then will settle down, he does prefer to spend his time with his family. He travels well and will often sit in the front seat as a co-pilot!

Being a pup Oscar is still fed a good quality puppy food twice a day. He has met a cat while staying with his grandad and was very inquisitive about it, but didn’t chase or aggravate it, which is very impressive for such a playful youngster. He had a similar reaction to the livestock, interested but not fixated on them.
Oscar loves being part of the family and loves free running in the woods and he’s also partial to cuddles.

If you think that you could offer this active boy the training and exercise that he loves, contact GSP Rescue UK team πŸ’œ
Oscar is currently in the Swansea area and will be re-homed with his 5 weeks Agria free Insurance.
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