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Origin: UK / Age: 8 Years

This gorgeous lad is 8 year old Oscar, he is a very much loved lad and is looking for his new home because of a change in family circumstances meaning that he can’t stay with a family member when his lovely military mum deploys for an extended period.

Oscar is a very fit, healthy, cuddly 28kg lad who has been used to lovely long walks and runs of 5k three times a week with his mum. He has also gone to work with his mum which he enjoys and will happily sleep in his bed while she goes off to meetings.

He’s a very clever boy because he can not only open doors, but he can also open Zip bags if there’s something tasty inside 😂😂
Oscar even likes going to the vets and will happily sit on the scales for a treat, one time the vet tapped the table top while talking and Oscar thought he was inviting him up so tried to jump up onto the table 😂

His mum said that he is such an awesome dog, with an amazing personality. He listens and tilts his head when you are talking to him, he loves a good walk and then a cuddle on the sofa afterwards. He is always excited to see you and although he doesn’t like being on his own and prefers to be with you, will then greet you with the closest toy carrying it around waiting to give it to you so you can play.

When out on walks Oscar will ignore most dog’s, but can put his hackles up and bark if they are very close to him in a confined area and on lead . His mum thinks this stemmed from him being attacked while waiting for his back surgery by 2 Staffordshire bull terriers and a smaller terrier, who surrounded him and attacked him. So now he warns dogs to leave him alone in small areas where he can’t run away, this was highlighted while they were having a pub meal and he was happily snoozing under their table until a dog came in and came up to him, Oscar quickly warned him off.

When Oscar was 4 years of age he had surgery on his back due to lumber sacral disease at the Royal Veterinary College, it was a great success and he’s had a very active life since. If he does over-do it, his mum gives him Loxicom to ease any pain.

Regarding cats his owner is not sure about his reaction, but thinks he will probably chase them as he hasn’t lived with one for several years.
Around livestock he is fine, he’s put back on the lead past sheep, but will walk to heal past them with you and doesn’t pay them any attention unless they stand in front of him and then run off.

He’s good with small children and regularly plays with children (2yrs – 8 yrs). He hasn’t lived with children but will bring them a ball or toy to throw and listen to their commands to sit/wait once he’s been told by his mum a couple of times. He does forget he’s quite tall, so has little tail awareness around them, he’s the same with older children and will have cuddles off all ages.

Oscar is neutered and vaccinated, he travels very well, just sits and looks out of the window then curls up and goes to sleep.

He is whistle trained and has an excellent recall for anyone walking him and listens to their commands, he doesn’t roam very far – up to 400m. and walks better to heal off the lead than on lead. He can pull at the start of a walk but after a run around walks very well on his slip lead.

If you feel you could offer this gorgeous, loving boy the walks and cuddles that he loves so much please contact us.
Oscar is currently in the Hampshire area and will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our Adoption contract. 💜