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Origin: UK / Age: 3 Years

Otter is a beautiful 3 year old, neutered male. We are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable NEW HOME for him, where he can continue to work on the training that he has already been started.

Otter is reactive towards other dogs, and this is the main reason why he is looking for his new home. His family has worked on this since he was a youngster, and he’s made lots of progress. Covid didn’t help him though, since he became more isolated, and medical issues within the family now mean that they feel they can’t take his training further. The managed and gradual exposure to other dogs, outside the home, that he would benefit from, so that he learns how to behave, are not often possible. He has also not coped well with young children visiting the house. He is part of a young family, so this has been difficult and contributed to their heartbreaking decision. We are therefore looking for a child free home where his new owners can build on the training put in place so far, and help build his confidence and ability to grow a more neutral response to other dogs.

Otter is very friendly with the family and friends that he knows, being affectionate, cuddly and playful. He is well trained and comes back well to his name. He knows many commands and has always been trained using positive reinforcement with a clicker to mark good behaviour. He has done some agility, which he picked up with ease. His family has taught him lots of tricks, which he learned easily; like all pointers, he’s a very clever boy and enjoys trying to please you. He loves running and long walks, and fetching sticks out of the river. He has gone running with his dad, which he really enjoys, running nicely by his side.

Otter settles well after walks and is great around the house. He has never chewed or destroyed anything. During the day he will happily go for his morning walk and then lay quietly by you while you work. He was also fine when his family were at work during the day. He can be comfortably be left for up to 4/5 hours, tending to sleep the whole time. He tends to fall asleep on your lap by 8/9pm, and at weekends doesn’t tend to wake himself until around 9/10am if you let him!

He’s extremely cuddly, wanting nothing more than to lay on your lap and cuddle up with you whenever you sit down. He also loves a good lean while you scratch his back, and loves upside down belly rubs! He lets his family check and clean his teeth, check his ears, and cut his nails with no problem.
Oscar likes to play fetch and tug of war and his favourite game is searching for treats in a cardboard box. He has quite a few ‘babies’ (toys) – and "go get your baby" results in him bringing them to you very proudly! He can be nervous of new people but if they throw him a tennis ball he’s anyone’s!

Oscar loves cheese and finishing the end of a plain yoghurt pot. He also loves carrots, blueberries, lettuce, peppers and cabbage! He likes to watch his family cooking, in case some off-cuts might find their way over to him! He will sit closely and watch you while you’re eating but stays sitting very politely and does not beg or whine.

Otter has spent some time with family dogs and formed a great bond, playing with them for hours. However, in general, he has been reactive towards other dogs. When he reacts poorly, Otter will lunge and bark at them. He’s made good progress following 1-2-1 behaviour training and has got to the point where he can now greet other dogs face to face. His family then move him on quickly, or he will then bark and lunge. Otter isn’t comfortable around young children and has barked at the few who have visited the house; this is difficult for the family to manage. On one occasion, he was also very distressed during a vet visit and the vet prescribed medication for him. He stayed on this for a while. His family felt it settled him a little, and helped him engage with training a little more, but didn’t make a big difference to him. Otter is muzzle trained, following advice from the trainer when they first started training, and will wear a muzzle with no issues. This is sensible management approach that we would expect to be continued if he joins another family.

Otter has good recall and has off lead runs when in areas with no other dogs. He wears a harness and sometimes a Halti is used, in areas where more control is needed. He wears a muzzle on walks where he might come across other dogs. This is mostly for his owners’ peace of mind. Otter hasn’t been exposed to cats much, so his response to them is mainly unknow (he’s chased one that came into the garden).He is good around larger livestock (horses/cows) but would chase sheep and deer, and smaller animals. Otter is very fit and healthy. He was fed on a raw diet for a while but now has wet dog food. He travels well in the car.

Otter is currently in Hampshire. He has so much potential! If you feel you have the knowledge and experience to manage this stunning boy’s reactivity and help him improve his reactions towards other dogs, then please get in touch. He will be rehomed with his 5 week free Agria insurance and our adoption contract. GSP Rescue UK Terms and Conditions apply