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Origin: UK / Age: 19 Months

This very handsome boy is 19 month old Otto. His family had to make the sad decision to rehome him after several fall outs with their elderly male JRTs and a family members male miniature poodle. The JRT had several puncture wounds but luckily has fully recovered. The family say that each time Otto was provoked by the small dominant males, either by them telling him off or growling at him.
Otto was then taken on by a lady who already had several large males and females and it very quickly became clear that where as Otto enjoyed the company of the females he was very stressed by the males, he was there for a week and behaved very out of character for him in many respects.
So she contacted both GWP rescue and ourselves for help.
We had Otto taken to Clifton in Yorkshire to be fully assessed and start his retraining.
Otto is a giant 36kg puppy who wants to please you, but isn’t always sure how.
His training will need to be completely restarted but he’s been doing really well with Clifton and because of his love of his ball he’s happy and quick to learn especially if he gets a game of ball as a reward, he also loves hide and seek with his ball and when you stop playing with him he digs a hole and buries his ball, he also retrieves it beautifully.
Otto has a high prey drive coming from German working bloodlines, he is a natural hunter so we won’t be placing him with any cats or small furies. He loves going to the beach or rivers and streams and loves getting wet, but dislikes the hose pipe or a water pistol.
He loves being brushed but doesn’t like having his feet touched.
Otto has recently been neutered, he is vaccinated and crate trained, he sleeps in his crate at night and has his big treats like deer legs or cow ears in his crate, away from the small dogs.
He has barked at strangers coming into his home, being a Covid pup he hasn’t been used to many visitors, but he does settle quickly when they’ve come in.
He is a very loving boy and very cuddly especially when he’s used to the new people.
Otto can pull on the lead, but his family say that this eases off after he’s been to the loo.
When out and about he has never had an issues with a female dog but can be reactive to small dominant males.
He’s always been great with the families children aged 11 and 14 years and visiting children of all ages the family taught him tricks which he enjoys showing off including sit and down, circle and into your side.
He travels very well and is used to travelling, so will sleep, his reaction to livestock is unknown because he hasn’t been introduced to any, so careful introductions would be needed.
Otto had a very good recall when he was younger, but this seems to have slipped when he reached 8 months and now needs further training.
Otto is currently in Goole in East Yorkshire and will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria insurance, if you feel you can offer him the time and energy he needs to help him be the best pup he can be please contact us.
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