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Origin: UK / Age: 4 years

Pablo is a handsome 4 years and 2 months old GSP/EP cross and is looking for a NEW HOME 🐾.
His family have made this really difficult decision after a recent fight between him and his EP brother, which is now making it difficult in the home. The family's circumstances have also changed significantly in the last year, meaning there isn't much time to carry on his training so, though heartbreaking, this feels like the best option for Pablo.

Pablo was adopted by the family 3 years ago. He was very thin when he joined them and was scared of lots of things. He did really well, gained weight and soon settled, but there were a few fights between him and his pointer brother. The fall outs were mostly related to food or toys, and only lasted a matter of seconds. Pablo got on well with the older female GSP of the family. With good management and working on issues with a trainer, Pablo made good progress and the fights hadn't occurred for months. But there was a recent fight that Pablo started, which resulted in an injury to the older male dog. He is now clearly uncomfortable around Pablo in the house and everyone is on edge. They are still great outdoors together.

Outside Pablo has really good recall and loves playing with a ball. He’d chase a ball all day. He walks really well on a lead. He doesn't bother with other dogs much and is quite timid. If anything he takes a wide berth preferring to play ball.
He seems to have issues with male dogs more than female dogs, when indoors. He was fine with another family dog who visits, a Frenchie, when he was a puppy, but isn't so good as he's got older. For this reason, we feel it would be best if Pablo was in a home where he is the only dog, so he can relax and continue with training that is focussed on him.
Indoors, he is very loving and loves a cuddle on the sofa. He knows commands like sit, stay and paw and is well behaved. He can get possessive over toys in the house. Sometimes he'll give them up fine, but other times will growl, and snap even, if someone tries to take them. The family has managed this by just not taking things from him, until he has lost interest. This could be worked on carefully.

He's an intelligent boy and has worked out how to open some doors in the house (which is the reason for the last fallout between the dogs - he got out of the room he was in at feeding time). He will also enjoy a stuffed kong type toy for a short while (he figures those out quickly).
He will bark at visitors when they first arrive but then settles fine. Sometimes, he will still be more wary of men. He's generally a bit lively and boisterous in the house - and jumps up at the window to see what's going on outside. For this reason, and the fact he finds it difficult to give toys up, we would not rehome Pablo to a home with young children in.

Pablo is crate trained and sleeps in the crate at night. It's his safe space to go. He can also be left for long periods in the house and settles well in his crate when his humans are out.
He has been known to jump lower sections of fencing and hedging in the garden, so if he is to be left free in the garden, the fencing needs to be secure.
Pablo was neutered a few years ago, as part of his owner's attempts at settling the two male dogs together. He is a healthy boy, though his vaccinations are now out of date. He has an intolerance to poultry and eats a salmon based dry food once a day.
Pablo travels very well in the car - he lies down and settles nicely. He's fine passing livestock, though hasn't been that close. He's not really seen any cats, so his reaction is unknown.

Pablo is currently just outside Sheffield. He will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria insurance. If you feel you can offer him the time and energy he needs to help him settle in a loving home please contact us.
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