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Origin: Northern Ireland / Age: 1 Year

This beautiful little girl is 12 month old Pepper, she is a GSP/Labrador cross looking for a new home ideally in Northern Ireland, this is due to her mums change in work commitments meaning that she will have to travel a lot more, which means that Pepper would have to spend time in kennels and after one of her previous stays Pepper started showing signs of reactivity while on lead and only when close to her home, she has barked and then lunged which is something that she hadn’t done previously and her owner has struggled with while walking both dogs, even after going to classes and working with a behaviourist because she panics when she walks them both on lead together now and they can both be quite strong on lead.
Pepper is currently living with a laid back, calm female 3 year old EP/Lab cross who she adores but Pepper can be too much for her with her high energy level and love of game playing. The other dog is very tolerant of Peppers zest for life but would on times prefer a quiet snooze.
Pepper is also living with a dog savvy cats and even though she does chase them she doesn’t hurt them just wants to play.
With other dogs out on a walk she can bark while on lead but this is a relatively new thing, off lead she’s uninterested with them and is very submissive to visiting family dogs by rolling over for them. Being young her recall is a work in progress and will need ongoing training, she is responding to a whistle and her name, Pepper is also clicker trained which she enjoys and one of her favourite games is searching for treats with the cue “Ready, steady go.” She’s also been regularly going to doggy daycare since she was a smaller pup so has learned good doggy manners in that environment.
When seeing livestock she shows interest but doesn’t react and is happy to walk past them on lead.
Pepper has visiting children aged 3 and 5 who she is wonderful with after following the lead of the other resident dog. She has met older children out on walks and also in pet shops and is happy to have them stroke and fuss her.
Pepper travels well, even though she does like to bark at dogs walking past but will happily sleep on the back seat while traveling.
She can be left for 2 hours after exercise usually with filled Kongs or a cardboard box with scrunched up paper to hide treats in to keep her occupied.
She is vaccinated, toilet trained and a happy, healthy pup who loves retrieving her ball and playing in any water she can find. She wants to be next to you even if it means chewing her treat while lying on your feet. Shes eager to please, and is a real people pleaser. She will ‘smile’ when she is having her ears scratched or if she has been caught misbehaving.
Pepper can bark at people walking past her home, so her owner has formatted privacy panes which obscures her view and is helping with this issue.
If you feel you can offer this lovely little girl the fun, company and on going training that she enjoys please contact us.
Pepper is again in Northern Ireland and will be rehomed with her 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and our Adoption Contract.
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