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Origin: UK / Age: 10 Years

This beautiful girl is Rio, she is due to turn 10 at the beginning of 2022.
A wonderful lady has championed Rio’s cause and saved her life after a really sad existence being chained up on a farm for over 5 years.
Amazingly enough Rio has a wonderful temperament and really wants to please you. 🥰
She has been having her exercise increased over the space of four weeks and is now toilet trained, even going to the door and asking to go out to the toilet and even learning very quickly how the dog flap works and frequently useing it while being in foster with this lovely lady and her family, Rio’s stiffness in her joints has improved and she's already loving her walks. She's a sociable, playful girl who now loves running around with the resident spaniels and working the hedges. Rio has a great recall and responds very well to treat based training, she also walks beautifully to heal on or off her slip lead.
Rio is currently in foster with 2 cats as well as the 3 spaniels and is cat friendly taking no notice of the dog-savvy cats. Rio has loved all the dog toys they have (demolishing pretty much everything). She will fetch and drop all day long and also plays tug with the spaniels. When meeting other dogs out on her walks she is initially hesitant but no aggression, she prefers to investigate the bushes than play, but will run, chase and bump with other dogs if invited.
She is very interested in food and will take any food left out on a counter when not supervised. She has once shown fear aggression because she was scared after being told off for taking a cake from the unit top in the kitchen and reacted with a low growl and baring her teeth, but soon calmed down again. She doesn’t show signs of being hand shy but is certainly bothered and worried by raised voices.
She has been left with the other dogs and was fine for around two hours. Rio hasn't travelled far that we are aware of, but was happy during the 5-mile journey to her foster home. She is happy to sleep a crate or in a bed in the kitchen or bedroom.
We don't know how she will react around livestock, but she has been fine around the horses that she's met.
We also don't know how she will be with young children, she has been lovely with the teenager at this home but with this in mind we will only be looking at over 10-year-old children.
Rio is a typical vocal GSP and will happily hold a conversation with you, she has been learning to enjoy cuddles and being stroked, she does make the funniest lip-smacking noise as she's being fussed. This human contact is new to her and she's very quickly learning to love it.
Rio does have several skin tags and little age-related warts, bless her she also has cauliflower ears that the vet has checked and said they look like historical damage, but nothing to worry about now.
This very special girl deserves her life to be full of love and attention because she has many years to catch up on. She has had someone spend time with her before this sad existence because she has been taught how to learn and has an understanding of a responsive relationship.
Rio is currently in Yorkshire and will be removed with her 5 weeks free Agria insurance can't our Adoption Contract.
If you can offer This precious girl her chance of a loving home please contact us.
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