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Origin: UK / Age: 18 Months

March 2018
Rolo is a very happy boy. He has lots of adventures with his mum and dad and doing well with ongoing training.
May 2017 - This very handsome young man is Rolo.
He is 18 months old and is looking for a new home through no fault of his own. His lovely owner is sadly suffering with ill health and can no longer manage this young lad, he is a much loved, boisterous, fun loving youngster.
He is fine with cats, loves other dogs, travels well in the car. Rolo can be left for up to three hours after exercise and just sleeps. He is crate trained and has a very good recall, however he can pull on the lead so at the moment he wears a Halti, which his owner finds helps. He is presently fed on tinned dog food and biscuits and has no health issues at all.
Rolo is over 25" so a tall boy and weighs 32-33Kg.
He can be a little nervous of men when out walking and can bark on occasions, he has never done anything more than a bark and as soon as they take time to get to know him, he relaxes is fine with them. ( This sounds like a confidence issue after a scare, so time would be needed to rebuild Rolo's confidence around strange men, another more confident dog might also help teach this youngster that he can relax and not be worried around men)
He can also be worried by unpredictable young children and will grumble under his breath if they are giving him too much attention, so we will only rehome Rolo to older dog savvy children who can understand that he needs a confidence boost. At the moment he very happily lives with his best friend who is his 16 year old human sister. He absolutely loves her to bits, he is also very close to a 10 year old family visitor, who he is very gentle with.

Rolo has also been on a few South West GSP Walks and had a great time running and playing with all the dogs.

Rolo is still entire and when he reaches full maturity we will be requiring him to be neutered as part of our rehoming contract.

He will also be rehomed with 5 weeks free insurance with Agria Pet Insurance.

Rolo is currently living in North Devon. If you feel you could offer this very young boy his Happy Ever After please message us with your Email address, so that we can send you our Adoption Interest Form.
Many thanks,
GSP Rescue UK Team

Look at this fab update of lovely Rolo's first 48 hours in his new home, from his new parents - sounds like he is a dream-dog and they are made for each other. We are so pleased for you all πŸΎπŸ’œπŸ‘πŸ» Hope the joy continues xxx

Rolo has had a brilliant first 48hrs, we seemed to bond within a few minutes and it only got better from there. When he met Heather an hour later his lack of confidence was shown when he met her with growls but turned to me for support straight away and very quickly calmed down to show her what a loving boy he is!

Our first night was a dream. Even though he only arrived at his new home at 8pm he took himself to his crate around 11:30 (we left it open) and didn't make a sound until I walked down the stairs at 8am.

That morning we had bonded so well we felt like a walk was in order so we set out aware of his issues with other humans walking on his pavement, we started by sitting and letting them walk past. As that was no problem we worked our way up very quickly to walking with strangers and ignoring them! We then introduced him gradually to the horses -he got bored of them rather quickly and other dogs looked more fun!

The following morning's walk (on his second day with us) we had bonded so well some brief time off lead on a local bridal path was cautiously tried, needless to say our little golden boy was nothing short of perfect!

We are over the moon with such quick progress from the little guy, it seems with every new friend or family member he meets he gets more relaxed.