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Roman and Lola

Origin: UK / Age: 2 Years

These two beauties are looking for a new home together. They are a bonded pair who have always lived together, their family have had to make this very sad decision because of a change in their personal circumstances.

Roman is 2 1/2 years of age and loves playing with other dogs treating them all as his best friends. He is happy to play with anyone up for a game however this does mean that his recall can depend on who he is playing with at the time as he is very easily distracted.
He has also very impressively donated blood to the blood bank on several occasions 😇 bless him.

Roman loves children but can be too boisterous for small children, he does really enjoy the company of older children and loves playing toys and cuddling with them. He will also lean against them for extra cuddles.
Roman can suffer with separation anxiety on times, some occasion he can be left for 4 hours and is fast asleep when his family arrive home. But on another occasion he can destroy something like a cushion after being left for 30 minutes.

Lola has just turned 2 years of age and is a GSP cross English Pointer. Lola also loves the attention of older children especially when they are stroking and cuddling her 🥰
She can be timid of new people and other dogs and can bark at them on times. When she’s mixing with other family members dogs she tends to ignore them and plays by herself.

Lola does have a very good recall and comes straight back when called. She doesn’t range too far on walks and constantly checks in with her family 🥰 bless her.
Lola can also on times suffer with separation anxiety and even though she isn’t destructive she has been known to have the odd accident while left alone with Roman.
Their family do leave them with stuffed Kongs, Nylabones and other chew toys to keep them both busy when they are left, which does help with their separation anxiety.

Both Roman and Lola are healthy, vaccinated and travel well, but if left in the car for an extended period they can both cry. They are both walked on Haltis which stops their pulling very well.

Roman is inquisitive with livestock but Lola hasn’t had much contact with any, so her reactions are unknown.
It’s believed that they will both chase cats, so we are sorry but we won’t be rehoming them with a cat.

Roman and Lola are currently in the Staffordshire area and will be rehomed with their 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and our Adoption Contract.

If you feel that you could offer this gorgeous duo their happy ever after please contact GSP Rescue UK.
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