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Origin: Serbia / Age: 5 Years

This is beautiful Rosie, she’s a little live wire who has been described as loving and cuddly, but also mad as a box of frogs 🤣
We were asked if we could help 4-5 year old Rosie when she was brought into the UK from Serbia by a rescue group. It was obvious when she arrived at her adopters, that some of the information about her wasn’t accurate. They had been told that she had been in a pension ( like a foster environment) where she was living with cats and several small dogs. But sadly as soon as she realised there were cats in the home she changed into hunt mode and could only concentrate on pursuing them, which was very upsetting and frightening for the family.
We took on Rosies care and had her moved to boarding kennels where she could be assessed and her retraining could start by a very experienced GSP owner.
Rosie definitely will not be rehomed with a cat and it has been learned that she’s not a fan of smaller dogs when they come into her space.
She did however fall for lovely Fendt a GSP who was also enjoying a stay at the kennels, she played with him several times a day. In fact she was heartbroken when he was adopted and moved to his new home, because she would sit outside his kennel and bark and cry for him.
So we know that she would love the company of a male who loves to run and play.
The group that brought Rosie to the UK found her as a stray in Serbia, then she was adopted to an older lady who had an 11 year old male Rhodesian Ridgeback, who Rosie adored for 3 years. Sadly they both passed and she was returned to the group who decided to rehome her to the UK. We have been told that she is disease free, fully vaccinated, neutered and has her up to date passport.
Rosie is a very loving girl, who absolutely loves fuss and attention. We have been told that she is wonderful with children and will cuddle up with them.
She was in poor condition and underweight when she arrived at the kennels, but is now looking much healthier and happier. She has also been clean and not destructive during her stay.
She has been introduced to the chickens and is very interested with them. But will play without being too fixated on them when they are the other side of the secure fence.
Rosie is trying her hardest to please everyone around her and would love to have someone who she could build that lovely bond with through training and time. Her training would need to be started from scratch as you would an 8 week old puppy, with consistency and positive reinforcement. Being a clever girl she picks things up quickly and happily recalls to her name in the secure fields at the kennels.
We believe that what you put in with time and training, Rosie will repay you with unconditional love.
Rosie will need a secure garden with good fencing where she can safely run around while working on her recall and training.
Ideally someone experienced who can be around constantly for the company that she loves.
Rosie is currently at boarding Kennels in Goole East Yorkshire. She will be rehomed with her free 5 weeks Agria insurance and our Adoption Contract.
If you feel you could offer this lovely girl her happy ever after please contact us.
GSP Rescue UK terms and conditions apply. 💜💟💜