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Origin: UK / Age: 4 years

This beautiful girl is 4 year old Rowan (after the tree)
Until recently Rowan has been happily living with her big sister, an 8 year old Dalmatian. They have been very close and the best of friends, but very sadly for her family they believe that Rowan has now decided that she is ready to be top dog and her sister isn’t ready to hand over the leadership role, which has resulted in a very nasty fight with both dogs sustaining nasty wounds. (With this in mind we will be working to move her quickly into a dog free home where someone is around constantly, because she has never been left without company so will find that very difficult.)

Rowan is a very much loved girl and her family have had to make this heart breaking decision to keep both girls safe.
Rowan is a healthy, neutered, vaccinated girl who travels very well.
She is very good around older children, but is too boisterous for young children. She loves sofa cuddles and human contact, in fact she can be quite the flirt with builders and other workers/visitors who come to the house, particularly the men 😂.
She is very interested meeting other dogs but being on lead her owners are always careful with new introductions. Her recall does need work, because if there is something more interesting like birds or cats, she will often ignore her owners, so they have only been letting her off lead in a secure area, she does walk beautifully on her slip lead and is used to a rural environment.

She lives with goats and sheep and even though she is fine with them her owners have had to raise the fence height because she can easily jump a normal stock fence.
Rowan has been raw fed, she also loves her fruit like bananas and pears, but is currently on a good quality kibble.

Rowan does have an exceptional talent, her mum is type one diabetic and as soon as her mums blood sugars drop this precious girl makes sure that she knows by alerting her 🥰
She also has a very funny yawn that she does when she wants to go outside 😂 bless her heart.

Rowan is currently in the Carmarthenshire area and will be rehomed with her 5 weeks free Agria Insurance snd our Adoption Contract.
If you feel you could offer this lovely girl the active loving home that she’s looking for please contact us.
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