GSP Rescue UK

Roxi (now Evie)

Origin: / Age: 4 1/2 Years

Roxi is a stunning, very fit and very active 4 1/2 year old girl. She has had a good standard of training and has lived in her previous home as a working dog outside in kennels with several other dogs.
More recently she has been living in a home environment where she has adapted quickly and easily, she still has the company of an older canine companion which she enjoys.
Roxi loves to be active and even after a 5 mile run is still looking for mental stimulation before she can rest. She is good around livestock but her reaction to cats is untested. Roxi is good around older children, but when she gets excited she can jump up, she is also good around other dogs, however she dislikes dogs that jump up at her face and will tell them off by raising her heckles and giving a growl, she then moves away from them so that they will leave her alone.
She walks very well on a collar and lead and has an excellent recall even when on a scent. She travels very well and is used to being left in kennels. If Roxi is crated she becomes very vocal, but is well behaved when left at home with free run of the kitchen. Roxi has been loving the affection and attention from her new owner and has settled well into life as a retired gundog even managing to find the sofa for cuddles ;)
We are looking for a very active, fun loving home where Roxi can have the exercise that she enjoys along with the company that she has been loving. She is currently living in the Glasgow area and is being rehomed through no fault of her own, she will be rehomed with her 5 weeks Agria Insurance and our Rehoming Contract.
If you feel that you could give this beautiful girl her Happy Ever After please contact the GSP Rescue UK Team.