GSP Rescue UK


Origin: UK (originally outside the UK) / Age: Approx 2 1/2 Years

August 2017
Saffy is doing brilliantly. She loves her doggie brother and her life at the coast.

April 2017
This beautiful little girl is Saffy.
We believe that Saffy is turning 3 years in October. (According to her passport)
She is a small girl and quite timid, easily startled by loud noises, but she is looking to her foster sister and brother for guidance.
She will need to be rehomed with another dog for companionship and to help her confidence grow and lots of fun games..
Saffy is neutered, vaccinated and toilet trained, she travels very well in the car, just sleeps and has a full pet passport.
Today she met lambs, sheep and cows and was not interested in them in the slightest. Saffy also met a lady with two dogs on the canal and was very happy to meet them and their mum.
We will learn more about this very sweet little girl over the next few days while she is being assessed in her foster home in South Wales.
If you feel that you could offer this gorgeous girl her Happy Ever After please personal message us with your email address so that we can send you out our Interest to Adopt Form xXx

Saffron has been rather a busy girl today.

We have taken her out of her comfort zone which is playing in the home and garden and took her to a small retail park.
We sat in the car watching the shoppers walking past, then when Saffy looked more comfortable we took her to a quiet spot so that she could see the people at a distance. Children are at the moment very scary to her especially when they are laughing and shouting.

When she settled down and relaxed, we moved closer to the busy people (who we asked not to interact with us)..
We eventually made it into a pet supermarket, we were only there for a few minutes then after plenty of juicy treats we left and made our way back to the car where she had a jackpot of very special treats!

It did take most of the afternoon but we didn't want to rush her. Saffron is scared of sudden noises and children, but already after only a few days she trusts us enough to follow us.
She did all this today without the support of our dogs, if they had been with us she probably would have been more confident, but we wanted to see how well she would cope without doggy support.

Its been very tiring for Saffron, so she is at the moment stretched out fast asleep and snoring like a trooper !

Saffron has been a very good girl, she has settled very well and her personality is really showing through, she's funny, she's playful and she's very loving.

Saffron is still very wary of children, but we did have a breakthrough today when she was introduced to our 9 years old neighbour.

Saffron, was very frightened initially but watching how much our two loved the attention and the treats she slowly but surely made her way over and surprisingly took a treat from her.
Later she was playing in the garden and even though the children were in their garden next door, she just kept on playing. Even when their dad started replacing a roof of their summer house, she still played while they were busy banging . What a difference a week has made to this precious little girl.