GSP Rescue UK


Origin: UK / Age: 2 Years

We have been asked to help find this gorgeous, intelligent, active, 22 month old boy an experienced GSP home .
Scottie was rehomed at around 8 months of age after he was returned to his breeder due to a divorce. He had lived with a family with two young children, near the beach. He had received some good basic training and there were no reported issues with him at that time. He is a very social boy and enjoys the company of other dogs. Scottie is happy to play with dogs of all sizes and has very good social skills for such a young boy. He is also very good around children although can be unintentionally clumsy. He has lived with children aged from 4 years up to teenagers and is very respectful to them.
Scottie's present home has continued his training and has kept him mentally and physically stimulated. They have worked on some of his issues that had shown up while he has been with them, for example counter surfing, pacing around in the evenings, collecting items from around the home and then guarding them and if challenged giving a warning growl. Scottie now gives up the things he considers his when they are exchanged for a high value treat or reward. He has also now been taught to retrieve things and gives them up happily. Scottie isn't a fan of being towel dried and having his feet dried, but after desensitisation he now tolerates it and will allow you to raise each paw and pat him dry. Scottie does travel very well, he will settle down and go to sleep during the journey. His owner has also concentrated on Scottie walking nicely on lead, he now walks with his lead relaxed 75% of the time.

Scottie has been introduced to several activities such as:

  • agility, which he excelled at;
  • scent work and tracking where he was very quick to learn and thoroughly enjoyed it;
  • obedience training, which he was very good at, when there were no scents around to distract him;
  • gun dog training which, again, he took to very quickly, when in a controlled environment where he wasn't distracted by too many scents; and
  • cani-cross he was a natural and loved it. He'd probably find competitive cani-cross great fun, as long as the runner could keep up with this very strong boy!

We would not trust Scottie around cats or sheep because he would chase, but we have been told that he has been introduced to chickens, cows and horses and has shown little interest in them.
Scottie has have a high prey drive which does make his recall very unreliable. This is something that will need ongoing training because at the moment he is having to be walked on a long line due to the lack of secure fields and the strong scents in his area.
Scottie is currently in the Wiltshire area, he will be rehomed with our full rehoming contract and 5 weeks free insurance.
If you think you have the active lifestyle that could keep this young lad busy contact the GSP Rescue UK Team xXx