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Origin: UK / Age: 9 Years


This stunning girl is 9 year old Scout (named after the character in To kill a mockingbird,) her family have had to make this sad decision with the dermatologists recommendation to find Scout a new home because one of the children has had an allergic reaction to Scouts hair causing the little ones allergy to become much more severe, Scout has been staying with family instead of at home and the little ones allergy has noticeably improved over the last month.
Scout is a very loving, fit girl and had been running 10k regularly, but she’s happy to do a lot less as she’s got a little older, she still really loves her daily walks of several miles with her owners.
She has grown up with the children and has always been lovely with them, which is why this is so sad for the family.
Scout is definitely not a fan of delivery people, wether it’s the postman or DPD type deliveries. She has charged at them in the past so a home and garden where delivery people can’t just drop in is a must, however she does love having friend and family popping in and visiting.
She has never lived with anther dog so her owners think that she would still prefer to be an only dog, she has picked up food dropped by the children and resource guarded it from a visiting dog.
She is generally good with other dogs outside especially dogs with a friendly and playful nature. She loves to play chase with fast dogs and will avoid yappy small dogs quite well. She feels cornered when on the lead and walking in close proximity to collies/aggressive or anxious dogs. She hasn’t been walked by a dog walker but has been routinely walked by different family members.
She has a strong desire to chase cats she’s never caught one, but because of this we will not be rehoming Scout with cats or small furies. Around livestock she has been kept on lead just in case she did want to chase, she does have a very good recall and behaves very well off lead.
She travels well and is a very active, healthy, neutered girl who when left cries for a few minutes on occasion but is usually fine. At a new house she will require a few short times for Scout to get used to new owner returning.
Scout is great with the 3 children that she’s been living with, the biggest worry has been knocking them over as she is boisterous when the doorbell rings, so we would be longing at children around 10 plus to live with. The children have been raised to be respectful of dogs so they would never jump all over her or pull tail/ears/sit in her bed etc.
Scout knows several commands: wait, sit, back, down, paw, hand raised to sit and enjoys learning new things, her major loves are exercise, cuddling, eating, playing, being mentally stimulated and playing hide and seek out on walks, her mum says you can’t lose her, she always knows where you are and stays close by.
Her dislikes: delivery workers, postal workers, collie dogs and Staffordshire bull terriers. It can be hit and miss with other dogs in the house, she is ok when there is no food being handed to the dogs, so for meals they are totally separated if a dog does visit.
Scout is currently in the Manchester area and will be rehomed with her 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our Adoption contract.
If you feel that you could offer this beautiful girl the cuddles and games that she loves please contact us.
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