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Origin: UK / Age: 14 Months

January 2018 - one of our team, Kerry and her dogs, met up with Stanley and his new mam and dad on a group walk in a forest in south Wales. He was looking gorgeous! He is doing so well in his new home. His recall was really good - he came back lots, even when he wit so many distractions. He had great fun zooming around with all the other pointers and he got on so well with all of them. We all went to the cafe at the end - he behaved perfectly, sitting patiently for a chip from his dad :). So great to see you in your new happy life Stanley x

May 2017 - Stanley moved to his new home in May. He lives in a beautiful area and gets a huge amount of love and attention.

April 2017 - We have been asked to find a wonderful new home for this very handsome young chap named Stanley. His present owner thankfully took him on from an unsuitable environment - she has worked with him and he has already started to respond, however he is now feeling his feet and is at times challenging the two resident entire males.
Stanley is already neutered.
Stanley is only 14 months old and will require steady ongoing training from an experienced HPR owner. We would also recommend the new owner joins a HPR specialised training class where both Stanley and the new owner can receive support and guidance while training. We can help with our contacts in training groups all over the UK.

He is a typical boisterous young GSP with a very high energy level, who has sadly had no previous training before this experienced home. However he does appear to have a good idea of rules around the home and will happily give up food and toys when asked.
He will not be rehomed to a family with young children, but older dog savvy children might be considered if the training environment is a good match.
Here is a comprehensive description of Stanley from his present home, where he has lived for several weeks.

Stanley is fine with all strange dogs he has encountered and has shown no signs of antisocial behaviour whatsoever. However, has on rare occasions engaged in conflict with my own unneutered males without provocation from them, but he hasn't hurt them.

I think he could be rehomed as an only dog, with a female, or perhaps other neutered males. He has been to work with me on several occasions and has been well handled by groups of animal studies students of varying ages. He has a high prey drive, with a keen interest in lambs, rabbits and pheasants. He has been temporarily housed with cats and was fine, but still has the drive to chase them when outside.

He walks better with a SWAG head collar . There is still hair missing from the underside of his neck from the previous owner using a half check chain so I have avoided anything exerting pressure around his neck. Happy for this lead to go with him to his new home. Usually when let off the lead he will go off on his own, for the nearest wall or fence and go through/under/over it. He always comes back to call eventually, but on occasion this has taken up to 5 minutes.

This is Stanley’s 3rd home. Essentially, he is a 14 month old dog with the personality of a 2 month old. He still strikes out at you with front paws to get your attention, he may nibble sleeves and ankles when following you down the stairs. He was quite clingy to start with. If you leave the room, he is likely to follow. He is quite accident prone, and still runs into your legs, trips up on the way down the stairs etc. but he had very little muscle when we got him so this is improving.

He is crate trained for when I go out, and he also has his meals in there and will sit and wait in the crate for them! He is used to having a handful of biscuits last thing at night when he goes out for his last toilet as well. There will probably be hell to pay if he doesn't get them! We do allow him on the sofas so he is happy to sleep on your knee on an evening and is very affectionate. He travels well in the car and is very calm. He is fully house trained but on occasions when we have had guests (which is rare) he has had an excitable wee on the carpet.

He is very bright and sharp, but also single minded and determined. He is a very bold dog and should be very trainable as he will eat all day long if given the chance. He is also very keen to please you and is a real people person! He enjoys cow ears, tripe sticks, fish bites, raw meat. He hasn't declined anything food based! He will make an absolutely magnificent pet, and just needs the time and patience to work on recall and desensitisation towards small furry/feathered creatures.

Stanley is currently in the Barnoldswick area Lancashire.
If you could see yourself training this gorgeous boy and helping him grow into the lad that we would all love to see him develop into please personal message us with your email address so that we can send you our Interest to Adopt Form :)
Many thanks,
GSP Rescue UK Team