GSP Rescue UK


Origin: Scotland / Age: 7 years

Summer 2018
Suki lives a fabulous life with her mam and dad. She meets up with lots of other family dogs and goes on lots of lovely walks. This summer she went on an adventure on a Scottish isle.

January 2018
Suki is a gentle good natured, healthy 7-year-old neutered female, who is a much loved family member who is being rehomed through no fault of her own.
Suki lives as an only girl but has lived with a small breed female quite happily. She enjoys playing chasing with other dogs, but if they bark at her she can be a little timid. Suki hasn’t lived with young children but with her lovely nature will let them take toys and bones from her; if they are face height she has been known to give them a little lick 😉
Suki has a good level of training, walks well on the lead and has a very good recall. However, she is a little scared of loud overhead planes, fireworks and lorries. Suki does travel well in the car but does not travel well on public transport, especially trains. She does not like cats and like lots of GSPs will chase them. With livestock she can be a little timid.
She really enjoys playing on the beach and swimming in the sea. Loves to hunt in scrubland. Doesn’t play fetch though, she gets bored too easily for that. She is a very attention seeking dog, and thrives in company. Her ideal home would be where she gets a lot of walks, and is allowed to jump up onto the couch for cuddles.
Suki is vaccinated until Sept 18 and has recently had both worm and flea treatments. She enjoys her food and is fed twice daily on Wainwrights kibble. After exercise she can be left home alone at the moment with full run of the house, she has been watched via a camera and after checking for any dropped food bits, she curls up and goes to sleep.
Suki is a very happy, very loving girl who loves her cuddles, she does have a few small lumps on her legs and belly, but they have been checked out by a vet as nothing more than fatty lumps. She is currently in Ayr, South Ayrshire, Scotland.
If you feel that you could offer this sweetheart a loving home, please contact GSP Rescue UK either by Facebook or email. Suki will be rehomed with 5 weeks free Insurance from Agria Pet Insurance and our Rehoming Contract.