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Origin: UK / Age: 3 Years

This very handsome lad is 3 year old Tigger and as his name suggests he is a very bouncy boy, he is very energetic and a much loved lad, he is vaccinated and neutered. His owners have had to make this heartbreaking decision to find him a new home after a recent sheep incident. Tigger has been known to escape and chase sheep previously so we are looking for a home where there is no possibility of him bumping into any sheep even accidentally, while free running.
Tigger has a good level of training and has started gundog training which he absolutely loves.
Tigger has always lived with another dog, so he could be happy as an only dog with someone around or with canine company. He can be left happily at home alone for two hours after he’s had enough exercise.
He is a typical happy, waggy youngster who loves his creature comforts and sofa cuddles and is used to living with teenage children, but can be too energetic for younger children.
He’s very good with other dogs not overly friendly or too playful for a youngster, he will have a sniff and walk past them.
He’s not bothered by cows and doesn’t chase the local deer, but his mum wouldn’t trust him around free running chickens because of his high prey drive.
If he meets a cat and it doesn’t run he can be scared of it, but if it runs he would chase it.
He does protect his home by barking at strangers, but is happy once he knows them.

He loves running and could enjoy Canicross, agility or mountain biking with his new owners (in sheep free areas), after training.
Tigger’s favourite things are playing ball and running on the beach, he’s also a great traveler and enjoys being in the car, most of all having attention from his family.
Tigger is very strong on the lead so he uses a Halti which does help, his recall to the whistle is good when he’s not distracted, but being a youngster that will need further training as will his lead walking.
Tigger is currently in Somerset. If you feel you could offer this energetic softie who has two speeds, fast or fast asleep, the further training and energetic life style that he enjoys please contact us.
Tigger will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our Adoption Contract.
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