GSP Rescue UK


Origin: UK / Age: 4 years

This very handsome lad is Tod, he is 4 years old and urgently needs a new home.
He has taken a dislike to delivery people and postal workers. 😬
His new garden surrounds the home and Tod has taken it upon his self to home guard. At the moment he can easily reach the gates quicker than his owners and he is also patrolling the boundaries.
This is causing him to be constantly on the go and alert.

He has been very happily living with several children with ages ranging from a baby to teenagers.
He has also been taught not to chase the cat and will follow it around the house like a tail 😂
He is also living with a cavalier King Charles spaniel who he gets along very well with.

Out on walks he ignores most other dogs, but will play if asked, he is happy to meet strangers and has a good recall even though he can be easily distracted.
He has barked at horses but is fine around livestock, so careful introductions would be needed.
He can be sick when travelling but is happy to be in the car.
This is Tods second home, he left his first home 3 months ago due to a child having a recurring allergy to him. In this home there was a much smaller, but secure garden without open access and even though he did bark he couldn’t see delivery people. He was much calmer not having the self imposed job of guarding.

Tod is neutered, wormed and has recently had his flea treatment, but we are not sure if his vaccinations are up to date and this will need to be confirmed.

Tod is currently in the Beath area in South Wales and will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and our Rehoming Contract.
If you think that you give this boy the cuddles, exercise and attention that he loves please contact GSP Rescue UK. Our terms and conditions apply.