GSP Rescue UK

Vitra (now Etta)

Origin: UK / Age: 3 Years

August 2018
Etta (as she is now known) is living a glorious life on a Scottish island. She has 2 brothers, though sadly her older GSP brother died in September. Thankfully she still has a spaniel brother. She goes on lots of amazing walks and has settled in really well.

July 2018
Vitra is a healthy, beautiful, confident 3 year old girl who along with her sister Hester are being rehomed due to a change in their lovely families work commitments, which means that they are going to to be left at home for extended periods of time which is something that they are not used to. They have always lived together and are happy to be left for up to 4 hours after exercise.
Vitra is crate trained, she is friendly to other dogs but can get put off by some entire males. She is not cat tested and has chased sheep in a near by field causing some injuries. She attended sheep awareness training, but this was not hugely successful and she remains untested since the incident. During training she was called back by the trainer and she came very quickly and walked to heal out of the field, so she is open to retraining and a very quick learner.
Vitra has been raised with a newborn baby and is presently living with both a 6 month old and a 2 1/2 year old. She is very gentle around them although not always spatially aware and has the tendency to knock them over with her excitable rear end. Because of this we will be looking to rehome her with slightly older dog savvy children.
Vitra walks well on either a slip lead or a figure of 8 lead, she is whistle trained and has a very good recall, unless she is off free running and having fun with her sister when her recall can be non existent. Vitra hasn't traveled regularly in the car lately, she was fine when she was a pup but lately she has been car sick and doesn't want to get into the car, her family are not sure if this is motion sickness or because she isn't used to traveling now.
Vitra is a fun, exuberant youngster who will enjoy an active home with on going training and either another canine companion or a human that is around for biggest part of the day to keep her entertained. She will be rehomed with 5 weeks free insurance and our Rehoming Contract.
If you feel that you could give this sweet girl her Happy Ever After and meet all her training needs, please personal message GSP Rescue UK.