GSP Rescue UK

Wilson Jr

Origin: UK / Age: 11 Months

This handsome youngster is Wilson 😎
He is a very much loved lad who is looking to find a new home because of health issues in his family. This is Wilson’s second home, the first family had to rehome him at four months after their child had an allergic reaction to him.

Wilson lives in a very busy household with three young children, a stay at home mum and two other dogs 😊so he is very used to company.
He loves being with his humans and will join in everything they are doing. 🥰 He also loves playing fetch, running, playing with other dogs, being wrapped up in his blanket and cuddling 😍

He can be a food thief and will punch food off the plates if given the opportunity.
On walks he is very good but does pull so is walked on a Halti, off lead he will run and play and does have a good recall to his owners whistle.

Having such a busy family life it is unknown how Wilson Jr will react to being on his own, because at night and when left he is crated with his best friend a Cockapoo, who he can occasionally get too boisterous for and has to be calmed down.😆

He isn’t overly bothered with the young children, but enjoys playing ball games with older children.
He hasn’t lived with a cat but is very interested and will chase. He has never met livestock so his reactions are unknown. He will whine in the car but doesn’t bark.

Wilson Jr is vaccinated and has had recent flea and worm treatments.

Please think carefully about Wilson because we want this move to be his last. He will need a lot of ongoing training and exercise over the next hopefully 14/15 years.

Wilson Jr will be rehomed with his 5 week free insurance and our Adoption Contract.
If you think you can offer him a living active home contact GSP Rescue UK. Our Terns and Conditions apply. xXx