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Origin: UK / Age: 6 years

24/11/21. After speaking again with Zanzies breeder, Zanzie now needs moving as soon as possible, so we are wondering if there’s anyone in the south of England that has a Zanzie size area free on the sofa, that would consider fostering her until a home can be found? 💜
She is very loving and is a good girl with other dogs out and about and could live with a strong, confident male.
Her favourite things are cuddles. 🥰🥰
We are working with Zanzie’s breeder to try and help her find Zanzie her most suitable new home.
We have now been told that Zanzie could live with a confident male, who wouldn’t be too upset with her Diva like ways ☺️

Her current owner has written a write up about this beautiful girl.

Zanzie has been living with Walter my GSP x Weimaraner and I since July and over this time we have made some amazing progress and worked out exactly what she needs to feel happy and content.
Zanzie is a beautiful girl, she's 6 (7 in April) and is a Weimaraner x GSP.
She would prefer to be the only dog because she's a diva when it comes to toys, treats and attention. This has started to stress her out, if she has to share anything.
She currently enjoys 1-2 (max) hours daily exercise and then maybe some long adventures on weekends. Her favourite places are on the beach and in the woods, where she loves to run free.
Zanzie loves cuddles and to be touching you and will get in your bed (I managed to change this to just on it but given the opportunity she will get in). She loves lots of snuggles on the sofa and she is just so happy to settle down for the evening in front of the TV being cuddled.
No children, purely because she needs a less stimulating environment. Over the age of 16 might be fine. She's shown no real interest in children and I have taken her around my nephews and also to woodlands etc where kids have been playing.
No other pets she's grabbed hedgehogs, chased cats and anything dead is a toy.
With all this in mind she's a lapdog in a gundogs body, so she is not loving the level of exercise we do. She is fine when out and about, she runs around like a box of frogs but when we get home she shows she has been over stimulated. She will be demanding with your attention, chews herself and is on high alert. I think she would really suit a retired or semi retired owner.
She absolutely loves to run around sniffing and exploring so you need to be confident enough to let her off lead. She isn't a fan of the lead but with a figure of 8 she's really good but she needs to let loose!
She has good recall and everything else is 'wait' took me a while to figure that one out and new owners will need it because she will steal balls, eat everything which again I think is because she is competitive.
I love her dearly but she is a diva in the home. She will snatch treats off Walter, destroy toys and generally just wants to do as she pleases so if you don't want a dog on your furniture, she isn't for you. Her love of my bed is a battle I have lost but I'm ok with that because she's so darn cute when snuggled into a nest she's made.
She isn't a massive fan of the car, but will sit on the back seat in her harness, then you can go miles and she is well behaved. I use a waterproof hammock cover, Zanzie doesn’t like travelling in the boot of the car, she shakes, cries and tries to escape.
The reason I am rehoming her is because although she and Walter play and love each other her highly strung attitude / competitive attention needs is causing Walters behaviour to change. He isn't always happy in her presence and that for me is a non negotiable, he's a gentle giant who also loves a cuddle but with Zanzie here that isn't possible.
I recently took Zanzie to the vets as she was limping and showing soreness. We discussed lots of different possibilities but after a few days on metacam she is back to normal. Whilst there he did spot some hard lumps which he things is probably a little bit of arthritis but nothing to worry about at this stage. She has sensitive skin so her flea/mite treatment must be kept up to date.
Zanzie will be rehomed with her 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our full Adoption contract
If you can give her the home she deserves then please contact GSP Rescue UK.
If you have any questions her breeder is happy to answer them all 🥰