GSP Rescue UK


Origin: UK / Age: 3 Years

This very handsome 3 year old black and white boy is Ziggy, he has sadly already had several homes since leaving his breeder thankfully this lovely family took him on and contacted us for help in finding him his last home 💜
Ziggy now suffers from separation anxiety and even though this family have worked with him and it has improved along with his manners and general obedience 😊they are finding it very difficult to manage.
Ziggy would love a calmer quieter home with no young children living with him. He loves routine and is happiest when he knows what is going on and when.
If his mum forgets to have playtime with him he reminds her 😂he will stand right in front of her and if she doesn’t stop what she’s doing he will bark at her until she plays.
He loves playing ball games, scent games and seek it games. He is a very clever boy and enjoys being outside and learning new things, he would be out all day if allowed and always remembers where he’s left his favourite stick.

He is good around other dogs, playing if asked and would love the company of a sister who’s lead he could learn from. His separation anxiety is practically non existent when he stays with a family members female 😎
He also likes the company of men and playing with their friends teenage son and his friends ⚽️🎾🏀

Ziggy can be nervous of strange situations but can be distracted with his ball.
Ziggys recall is now much better (but he can forget himself when following a scent or chasing a pheasant ) he is used to having lots of time running off lead in the woods and on the moors and very happily runs with his owner.

He enjoys travelling especially when he can sit on the front seat in the van or car 😂
It is thought that he might chase cats however he is fine with their chickens, sheep and horses 😊

Ziggy will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria insurance and our Rehoming Contract.
He is currently in the Somerset area, if you feel you could offer this sweet, loving boy the active life he loves along with helping him with his SA please contact the GSP Rescue UK team xXx