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Ziggy II

Origin: UK / Age: 17 Months

This stunning fella is 17 month old Ziggy. He is a sensitive soul who is a very much loved boy who’s family have had to make this heartbreaking decision to find him a new home due to their ill health.
Ziggy has been very happily living with his GSPX sister since he was a puppy and loves playing and cuddling up with her, he does get a little over excited with her on times and tries to mount her in play, she quickly tells him off, Ziggy is respectful and excepts his row without retaliation and the game ends, until she’s ready to play again.
They have to be walked separately because they are too strong for their lovely owner to walk together, he has been walked by a professional dog walker since he was 10 months of age and has been fine.
Ziggy is good on lead and can walk to heel when reminded. Off lead he is great but can be selective with his recall, being well socialised and friendly with other dogs it does mean that if he’s having a game you have to wait for him to decide that he’s finished before coming back to you, he does have lots of playmates that he enjoys playing with.
On occasion he has grumbled when on lead at other entire males.
Ziggy watches the cats passing at the bottom of their drive and isn’t overly bothered by them, but he does join in with his sister who will chase any cats that cross her path.
Due to Covid restrictions he has not had the same social mixing inside the home that he would have had pre-pandemic, when visitors arrive he does get very excited but does now settle down.
Ziggy has no experience with livestock so his reactions are unknown at this time and careful controlled introductions would be needed.
Ziggy hasn’t lived with children and can be wary of their unpredictable behaviour. He does have a visiting toddler who he loves and is sensitive around, but he can be too clumsy and boisterous near the little one. Out on walks he is fine around children and will calmly interact with them at the playing fields or at the park.
Ziggy is a lovely, obedient boy who wants to please you and loves to be with you, during lockdown his owners were unable to leave him so he is used to having his family around constantly. When he is left at home he does show signs of separation anxiety by whining and barking, so this would need to be worked on moving forward.
When travelling Ziggy jumps happily into the car but then whines for a short time before settling down and looking out of the window. He hasn’t had any experience of long journeys to date but has enjoyed lots of shorter ones.
Gorgeous Ziggy is currently in the Warrington area and will be rehomed with our Adoption Contract and his 5 weeks free Agria insurance.
If you feel you could give this active, sensitive boy the time and company he loves please contact us. 💜💜
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