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Zuma (2)

Origin: UK / Age: 13 months

This lovely little boy is Zuma, he’s 13 months old and a very happy, playful boy who lives being with his family and likes to go up and introduce himself to dogs while out on his walk and is very happy to play chasing with anyone up for the challenge 😂
Being a GSP/Lurcher cross he can definitely leave most trying to catch up 😂 he has definitely grown into his name.

Zuma is a much loved pup who’s young family have had to make this decision because Zuma is suffering with Separation Anxiety. When he was a younger pup because of the Covid breakout his mum was very quickly furloughed due to her pregnancy. He loved having his mum around 24/7, when the baby was born both parents have been around during lockdown. Meaning there was no need to leave Zuma.
But now as work starts again Zuma is really struggling with being away from his family and will cry if he knows his dad is in the garden without him. He has chewed up the carpet, emptied the bin out and destroyed toys while left home alone.
He is only 13 months, so for someone willing to take it slowly with Zuma and start a retraining program, there is still plenty of time for this sweet boy to understand that it is okay to be on his own 🥰

Zuma has been living with a newborn and a 4 year old very happily, but he can be too clumsy for them and having no idea of personal space recently climbed on to the sofa next to the baby and his mum had to guide him off before he sat on the baby. 🙈He has been very gentle and loving with both children 🥰
He loves playing with older children and enjoys all their fuss and attention.

Zuma travels well, is vaccinated and has been living with livestock in a close field that he happily ignores. Cats are a different subject and he would chase given the chance.
Off lead on walks he’s a good boy and returns to his name and to the whistle. He has been know to go and visit walking humans to find out if they would like to fuss him 🙈 He hasn’t been walked by a dog walker but has been used to being walked by different family members. He has also been going to doggy daycare which he enjoys, this has also helped with his socialisation.

Zumas best friend is his grans 12 year old cockerpoo, he enjoys his company very much.
Zuma also loves to swim and loves his paddling pool, however he hates the hose pipe and isn’t a fan of having a bath 😂

If you feel you could offer this young ball of energy the active home with the company that he needs please contact us.
Zuma is currently in Lancashire and will be rehomed with his 5 weeks free Agria Insurance and our Adoption Contract.
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