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Exciting news about our charity

Posted on 28 July 2017

Our new rescue continues to grow daily, from the number of dogs rehomed and helped, to the followers and supporters that we now have.

As of 28.7.17 we have over 1,300 Facebook followers and that number grows continuously with our last few posts reaching 30,572 people.
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Since rehoming our first GSP in November 2016, we have already rehomed 23 dogs, and we have a further 3 waiting to move to their new homes.
Our rescue has successfully worked along side several breeders to find new homes for their own returned dogs, which we were very happy to do.

In our first 8 months, we have also offered support to many struggling owners, who have now found ways to keep their much loved dogs in their own homes rather than having to find them new homes.

Our funds are slowly growing in our rescue bank account even after paying for our dogs to be neutered. We have also paid for one to have a full health check at the vets, with several lumps and bumps being checked over and we are now paying to have another assessed and to have a behaviourist work with him so that he can stay in his new home without his reactivity escalating.
Kennelling is our largest outgoing at the moment at £10 per day, per dog. We have only needed to do this for one dog and we are working hard at growing a steady group of fostering volunteers that we can use instead.
We are very aware that we have to have an emergency fund set aside for emergency vets bills. But we also have to consider emergency transport, home check expenses and food and care while the dogs are in a foster home, which all very quickly adds up.

Another major concern on our list is insurance. We have been comparing insurance covers to find the most adequate level of cover that suits our rescue. This should be sorted out very soon.

We have been very lucky to have received a wonderful donation after the funeral of Cliff Simons which we are extremely grateful for, as well as fantastic donations from ves the Central & Southern GSP Society, the GSPC South West Branch, the GSP Club Sussex Branch along with other generous donations from events, fun days and individuals, which were amazing and are very much appreciated.

Being granted full Charity Status was a fantastic moment that we are all very proud of, it has opened several new doors to us and gives everyone the confidence to know that our growing rescue is being fully monitored by the Charity Commission.

All the dogs we rehome are now also covered by five weeks free insurance from our partnership with Agria pet insurance, which also helps towards building our funds because we receive a small donation every time someone either continues their policy or mentions our personal reference number which is 24654.

Moving forward we are also looking at purchasing merchandise to be able to sell to boost our funds, from Christmas cards and advent calendars to T-shirts, tote bags, mugs and keyring's after our hand made Christmas cards earning us nearly £300 last year.

There are three main volunteers working daily within our rescue, all with access to our PayPal account, our rescue bank account and the Facebook site. Further to this we have a treasurer who takes care of the book keeping and a web designer who takes care of the daily maintenance of the web page. Our accounts will be viewed on a yearly basis by the charity commission, which we are very happy and proud to do.

Your support is very much appreciated by our team, after all this is OUR rescue, run for us, by us, for our GSPs.

Kindest regards,
GSP Rescue UK Team.