GSP Rescue UK

Collecting Used Stamps

Did you know that used postage stamps have a value? Any stamps, especially overseas ones, can be valuable to us - the more people who save and send, the more we raise.

If you are collecting stamps for us please cut them from packaging or envelopes leaving a 1cm border all around the stamp. try not to damage the perforations. We have registered with a company which will take stamps and pay us for every 2kg that they receive (they will accept smaller amounts and log what they receive). You will need to pay for postage, so please try to get as much as you can in to each price band with Royal Mail.
Stamps should be sent in envelopes no bigger than A4 and to count as large letter with Royal Mail it must not be any thicker than 2.5cm.
Second class , large letter rates are:
Up to 100g - £1.05
Up to 250g - £1.65
Up to 500g - £2.15
Up to 1kg - £2.70
Please post your stamps directly to:
PO Box 16992
Sutton Coldfield
B73 9YA

Alternatively, you can also send stamps to our rescue address - BUT this is less efficient because we will be paying postage twice. It could be helpful if you are sending something else by post anyway:
GSP Rescue UK - Stamp Appeal
6 Forge Row